Executive Benefits Under Scrutiny: How to Reward and Retain Top Talent

Posted by on May 10, 2011 in Executive Benefits | 0 comments

Executive compensation unquestionably is a hot-button topic. The recent focus is hardly unexpected in a time when multi-billion dollar bailouts have become the norm. Corporations are experiencing a backlash of shareholder and public outcry regarding lavish pay and bonuses. This heightened scrutiny is not limited to bailout beneficiaries: shareholders of businesses at all levels are examining how their upper-level management is being compensated and whether that compensation bears a relationship to results.

But compensation is not the only target. Perquisites such as deferred compensation, retiree life insurance, stock options and any benefit viewed as an expensive “add-on” in this leaner climate will come under the microscope. Companies are cutting costs and are looking to freeze and even reduce salaries and 401k matches and eliminate bonus programs and profit sharing entirely. Other companies are laying off employees by the droves and enforcing unpaid furloughs.

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